Anabaptist Witness is a dialogue center for Anabaptists engaging issues in global mission. If you are unfamiliar with the website, please take a look at some of the recent articles posted below. As a truly global effort, there is now content in both Spanish and French.

Book Review: Winds of the Spirit: A Profile of Anabaptist Churches in the Global South
Titus Guenther, Associate Professor Emeritus of Theology and Missions, Canadian Mennonite University
“Winds of the Spirit is a timely and ambitious study of the faith and practices of Anabaptist churches in 9 countries of the Global South plus Lancaster Mennonite Conference.”


Effective strategies for building missional churches
Nelson Okanya, President, Eastern Mennonite Missions
“In today’s globalized world, a new paradigm has emerged. It’s now missions ‘from anywhere to everywhere.'”

Cultural Exchange and Applied Anabaptism: A Journey From Indonesia to the USA
Heri Purwanto, International Volunteer Exchange Program
“In 2013, I applied for IVEP. I sold my motorcycle to pay for my visa, and flew to the US with other Indonesian participants in August of that year.”


Why Spain?: Rationale for European Missions
Josh Garber, Mennonite Mission Network
“When Alisha and I first began talking about serving abroad several years ago, we never thought we’d end up in Europe. After all, mission workers are supposed to go to poor, third-world countries, right?”

Changer les relations entre les sexes pour dynamiser la mission
Jamie Ross, Co-Editor, Anabaptist Witness
“Dans ce numéro, vous trouverez l’histoire de personnes courageuses et décidées à partager l’Évangile.”


La tension de la grâce
Anne Thiessen, MB Mission
“Comment partager notre foi sans attendre des autres qu’ils deviennent exactement comme nous ? C’est la tension de la grâce.”


Jesús, la mujer y el encuentro en un espacio de frontera
Alix Lozano, Iglesia Menonita de Colombia
“Las personas que tratan de pasar y no tienen documentos migratorios, son sacadas fuera de la frontera y devueltas a su país; entre éstas se encuentran campesinos, migrantes, refugiados, desplazados.”

La croix peut-elle être une « bonne nouvelle » pour les femmes ?
Susanne Guenther Loewen, Nutana Park Mennonite Church
“Bien que cette tradition ait rejeté la notion de violence salvatrice, elle a traditionnellement mis l’accent sur la non-résistance au mal et par conséquent donné une place centrale à la souffrance rédemptrice.”