In this piece that appeared in the Washington Post, Shane Claiborne brings attention to Arkansas’s planned eight executions over just eleven days, beginning the day after Easter. Claiborne exposes the sad irony of this “religious” state choosing to side with death rather than mercy, just one day after celebrating Jesus’s ultimate victory over death.

“As Christians around the world remember the most famous execution in history and one of the most holy of Christian days, Arkansas will be preparing for the bloodiest week of executions in the state’s history.”

To go through with these executions is to reinforce the very powers that killed Christ. As those who have been shown mercy, we must not hesitate to share that same kind of mercy. Otherwise, our Christian witness is lost.

“Death is the disease, not the cure. When we kill those who kill to show that killing is wrong, we legitimize the very evil we hope to rid the world of, the evil that sent Jesus to the cross.”

Please pray that these executions would not be carried out. Pray that Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson would be freed from the powers that promote death and that he would instead choose life.

Read Claiborne’s full article here.