Sarah Thompson, executive director of Christian Peacemaker Teams, shares a reflection on the changing approach to peacemaking.

“Over the past decades, CPT has intentionally moved away from the ‘getting in the way’ paradigm, but Mennonite perception of our work has yet to catch up. Today, the invitation to potential CPTers is to stake your life on the spiritual practice of ‘being with.'”

The Christian Peacemaker Teams’ practice of “being with” not only applies to being with those involved or affected by armed conflicts, but also to working alongside other peacemakers regardless of their religious beliefs. A diversity of faiths is welcomed and respected because the task of “being with” is the overridingĀ call of Christ in a world of violence.

“People are deeply motivated for many reasons to love enemies, lay down their life, and work in an intense team environment to create space for peace. We respect all paths to these practices. We continue to fulfill our mission of building partnerships to transform violence and oppression. Come join us.”

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