Nekeisha Alayna Alexis is a co-founder of Jesus Radicals, host of the Iconocast Canvas podcast, and works at Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary. She is especially interested in considering the relation of anarchy and Christianity. In this podcast interview with Shane Blackshear, Nekeisha discusses the ethics of abstaining from voting. When we put so much hope in the voting process, she says, we end up sacrificing all of the real, concrete actions we could be doing to bring about real change.

“I really do think that elections not only take fiscal energy, but they take imaginative energy. They take people power and displace it from thinking creatively about — what are the other things that we need to be doing all the time to be addressing the issues that are dear to us, that are vital to some of our survival?”

Voting, she claims, is not the sacramental action that society tells us it is. There are many more — and much better — ways to improve the world. Nekeisha urges us not to let the voting process steal our imaginations.

“Is your imagination going to be big enough for you to see yourself doing some other thing — getting involved in other ways?”

Listen to the full interview here.