In this blog post, Dallas Nord addresses his fellow millennial Christians and brings them into conversation with Karl Barth. Having introduced these two parties, Nord wants to consider two problems inherent in postmodern Christians’ posture toward others: (1) the reluctancy to allow older, modernist believers the title of “real Christians” and (2) the inability to call fellow postmoderns to repentance due to an overcommitment to the virtue of tolerance. To the first problem, Barth would say that we must situate our “No” of rebuke within the larger “Yes” of affirmation. And to the second problem, Barth would argue that speaking only a “Yes” to postmoderns without ever offering a “No” betrays the gospel and betrays our love for our postmodern neighbor.
“To give only a No to the church and only a Yes to our friends is to fail to love on both fronts. Let us be people of love on every front.”