In this powerful video, Greg Boyd, Brian McLaren, and Brian Zahnd confess and apologize for the racism that has been upheld by white American Christianity and this “Christian nation” for centuries. They admit the sinfulness of racism and seek reconciliation with the African American community.

“The fact that Christians argue about a hundred things and don’t busy themselves on behalf of their African American neighbors and their well being, they don’t seek to undo the injustices that have already been done — it’s a continuing indictment of the failure of white Christianity.” -Brian McLaren

That there have been times when racism has donned Christianity as a cloak to justify these deep, deep injustices — for that I renounce it, I condemn that as sin, and I apologize to my African American sisters and brothers for the suffering you have endured.” -Brian Zahnd

“I pledge to do all that I can to influence Christians to walk in a way that is consistent with the teachings of Jesus and to take stands against racism both inside the church and the broader society.” -Greg Boyd