In this sermon, Brian Zahnd reflects on the story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well. When considering the Samaritan woman’s life, Zahnd says, his immediate thought is “things fall apart.” Things fall apart when the center can’t hold. “At Jacob’s well, Jesus offers the Samaritan woman a new center,” Zahnd says. 

Zahnd then asks, what kind of miracle will save the world? In a world falling apart, what will keep it together?

“What will save the world is this kind of miracle: When one who is formed and raised in a culture where you’re taught to despise this one [Samaritan woman] … Jesus sits with her, listens to her, hears her story, accepts her as she is. … That’s the kind of miracle that can save the world.”

That is the divine logic of love, incarnated in the divine logos that is Jesus.

“Things fall apart, but Christ is before all things. And in him all things hold together.”

Listen to the full sermon here.