Kurt Willems, blogger and host of the Paulcast (a podcast about the Apostle Paul), shares a list of his favorite introductory level books on Paul. His list is designed for those who have a general sense of Paul and his works, or who are just beginning to look at Paul more seriously. Kurt’s list is included below. If you would like to suggest additions to his list or ask questions about it, see his original post here.

  • Four Views on the Apostle Paul (ed. Michael Bird)
    • This is the best book out there to understand the broad conversation happening with Paul. The chapter on “The Jewish View” (by Mark Nanos) is by far my favorite.
  • Paul: A Very Short Introduction (E.P. Sanders)
    • E.P. Sanders’ big book, Paul and Palestinian Judaism, singlehandedly changed the landscape of Pauline studies by reframing Judaism as a religion of grace. This very short book summarizes his views of Judaism and Paul.
  • Reinventing Paul (John Gager)
    • The radical perspective on Paul is outline here in a very helpful way. John Gager builds on the work of Lloyd Gaston (Paul and the Torah) and other early “within Judaism” scholars.