Colin Kaepernick and the national anthem: the latest controversy in the American race dialogue. Anabaptists from around the country have responded by citing their own histories of sitting-out the national anthem, the pledge of allegiance, and other national rituals. As many of these Anabaptists are white, they have sought to express their solidarity with Kaepernick and the racial minorities who are struggling against racially based systematic injustices. Hillary Watson adds another voice to this conversation as she urges white Anabaptists to not diminish the real statement behind Kaepernick’s protest as they point to their own practices of protesting the anthem.

“If we use Kaepernick’s nonviolence to redirect the conversation about our identity, we are silencing dialogue. If we treat the anthem controversy as “already resolved by our forward-thinking institutions of higher education,” we are undermining substantive dialogue about police brutality. If we equate Kaepernick’s logic with our logic, without actually saying that we oppose racism, we are ourselves perpetuating racism.”

Read Hillary’s full blog post here: Privilege is Not Solidarity: Mennonites and the Anthem